Frequently Asked Questions

Planning on participating in PAM Awards one way or another? Get answers to the commonly asked queries.

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Why are the categories different from year-to-year?

The PAM Awards categories are alternated every year, subject to the council. You may refer to this article to see which are the categories open for this year.

However, there are categories that are fixed every year, such as:

  • Single Residential
  • Multiple Residential (Low Rise)
  • Multiple Residential (High Rise)
  • Commercial (Low Rise)
  • Commercial (High Rise)
  • Collaboration
  • SDG Category


My nomination is applicable to multiple categories? How do select more than one?

You may add more than 1 nomination entry for each project that is applicable for multiple categories. Please use a separate entry form for each category should the project be submitted in more than one category. The committee may recategorize your entry where it deemed fit.


Which category should I pick for my nomination?

You may refer to the PAM Awards guidelines to see which category fits best for your project.



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How will I know if I am qualified for the next round?

You will be receiving an email or be contacted by the committee once your project is qualified or disqualified for the next round. Kindly check on the key dates for updates.


Who is eligible to participate in the PAM Awards?

Participation is open to current PAM Corporate/Fellow Members who are registered with Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM) and meet specific criteria based on the award category​​​​.

You will be required to upload the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) and Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM) membership certificates for firm and registered Architect, or receipt of renewal if yet to receive the renewed certificate.The participant must have an active membership with PAM and LAM, or equivalent foreign bodies, shown in the proof of validity.

You may refer to this article for clarification.




How do I upload the documents required?

We only accept document attachments in PDF. If there are multiple pages/sheets of the required document, you may use PDF tools such as Adobe Acrobat or SmallPDF to merge the documents into a single PDF file.

Each required files may have its file size limit, indicated in its respective upload fields.


What are the stages of the PAM Awards?

The award process is conducted in five stages: Nomination, Submission, Shortlisting, Technical Review, and Final Judging. You may refer to this article for clarification.


What is the best resolution / size for images?

If your project is nominated, we require that you upload up to 10 photos of your project, with each photo size is less than 10MB, and in JPG or PNG format.

We only accept in JPG/PNG format. Please ensure the resolution of the photos is more than 1024px, and in 300dpi for printing and publishing.


How do I know my entry is submitted?

After completing the nomination submission:

  1. You will be brought into an entry acknowledgement page, with an assigned entry number, e.g. PA2024-001
  2. You will be receiving an email confirmation with the details of your entry
  3. Your entry will be listed in your account's dashboard


I did not receive any email regarding my PAM Awards entry

Please ensure that your mail server does not block any incoming emails (whitelist) from the domain Email notifications would be sent from

We will notify entrants in each stages

  1. Registration (email verification)
  2. Nomination (nomination receipt)
  3. Nomination vetting (reupload incomplete submission / disqualified)
  4. Submission (call for submission / reminder)
  5. Shortlisting (shortlisted/not shortlisted)

You may also check your account's dashboard for status updates during each stages.

If you don't receive any emails, please ensure that your mail server has whitelisted the domain